I feel an absolute joy that comes from the smell, touch and use of paints and canvas and materials of all kinds, including digital media. I am drawn to the observation and contemplation of what exists around us, within us and within me. I believe I have a sense, and am in awe, of the limitless possibilities before us.

I am driven to create paintings and images that reflect these feelings and considerations. I strive to intuitively mix colors and apply them and reapply them and remix them and alter the media until it appears that something happens: Until it feels I have found an image that speaks. Maybe even sings. There becomes an affinity between what is there on that canvas or surface and what is here within my heart and soul.

And I wonder about the infinite connections between each one of us, and just what each other human being might see and feel in this work.

The images I make begin and end as exploration. Each one is separate, yet related. Each one is a step attached to endless steps. Each one is a curious struggle, some with several images below the surface. The process brings to me a heightened sense of being and a need to learn more, to live and love more, and to create more.