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Do You Title Your Paintings?


AAB24J | 48in x 60in | Oil on Canvas

The world of science, psychology and research has come to discover only a small part of the mysteries of our brain. Most agree that a portion of our brain (some refer to this as our “left brain”) will calculate solutions for everything we see. It will even fill in the gaps when there is little to see. Other major portions of our brain (some refer to these as our “right brain”) are often in a state of underuse, or “sleep”. Theory posits that these portions of our brain are chiefly responsible for creativity and imagination and wonder. My paintings are not about specific subject or techniques. They are uses of paint driven by emotion and intuition in a universe of limitless colors and motion and possibilities. It makes little sense for me to come up with “left brain” titles while my “right brain” is the driving force behind my work. It feels to me that giving them titles would limit what the images are and would direct your “left brain” to see something specific. So, in order to refer to a specific piece of work, I randomly come up with 6 or 7 numbers and letters, like the AAB24J that you see for the painting above.

Please look at these paintings with wonder. Let your eyes and your heart find what they mean to you. Your subject. Your reason. Your message. Your title. I hope while you are making this small trip through your imagination, that time will stop. And you will get lost in the moment, while unspoken words of color and paint reveal their meanings to your heart.