Monthly Archives: October 2014

Through the Concrete

RLKR9E | 48in x 72in | Oil on Canvas

I struggle with these words, but will share a few.

There is so much to experience in this world we live in. The most seemingly unassuming of events can be so captivating. I look down and see a plant growing through a crack in concrete and learn so much. Life finds its way. I look closer and find magnificence. Stunning, living geometry presents itself. And I think of what we see when we look even closer. Of what the cellular structure might look like. And the atomic structure. And then, the sub atomic structure. This ultra micro view, infinitesimally small, is another vast universe with its particles as planets and stars. And what lies even further beyond, that we do not yet know?

There is just so much before us. And what about each one of us? There is the miracle of our bodies. And there is the miracle of our minds. What is there to see when we close our eyes and look into our minds? Each one of us connected. Each one of us a part of the other.

I twist the caps of these paint tubes, pushing out silken color. I open a can of pure turps and a bottle of linseed oil. The smells are like the closest of souls. And there in front of me is the field: stretched, rough, white, and waiting. What a grand sense of life there is in these moments. Moments that become hours, that seem as seconds. Mixing, spreading, changing, gazing, and finding. The possibilities are endless.

Maybe, just maybe, the work is like the tiny life that springs forth, through the concrete.